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Over 60 years after Yujiro Toyoyoshi founded the company, Seikousha has been a specialized distributor linking parts suppliers with machinery manufacturers. To support the high economic growth of Japan and to provide the appropriate commodity for the users' needs had been our duty.
As the time goes by, the economic environment has changed a lot. Production foothold of the manufacturers shifts in the new economic countries, the compatibility of upgrading quality and cutting cost are required.
In addition, upon the multi-functionality and many varieties of all "machines", the line-ups of the commodity "parts" inevitably increased.
In this environment, improvement of the production efficiency by the out-sourcing became generalized, the users' needs has been changed from "we want the parts" to "we want the assemblies."
From this background, we think what we are required is not "buying-in and supply" as a former specialized distributor, but "solution consulting." Seikousha handles the hardware, "parts" especially, and has accumulated "know-how" based on all technical information and sales experience. That is the largest "added value" which we can offer to the manufacturers not only supplying the component for the complete formation that the users eventually aim, but also making "assembled sub unit" utilizing our know-how to the maximum.
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