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                VIV Group
Japanese Joint Ventures
� TOA Dovechem Industries Co., Ltd.
Formalin, Urea Formaldehyde, Adhesive Manufacturing.
� Three Bond VIV Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Adhesive and Sealants for Automotive, Electronics, Consumer Industries.
� Sanyo Kasei (Thailand) Ltd.
Manufacture and Sale of Sodium Polyacrylic acid, Copolymer of chemical.
� FURUTAKA-VIV (Thailand) CO., Ltd.
Import and Export of Electronics Components and related products. Domestic Sales
Manufacturing Function
� Salee Industry Public Co., Ltd.
Plastic Injection Molding, Plastic Vacuum, (100t-650t M/C, equipped with clean room)
� Pago Salee Printing Co., Ltd.
Label printing, Offset printing,etc.
� Salee Colour Public Co., Ltd.
Manufacture & Marketing of Colour and Additive Masterbatch for Thermoplastic and Rubber.
� Salee Engineering Co., Ltd.
Mold Design and Manufacturing.
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